Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper (Old)

Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper (Old)

Brand: Charmin

$33.06 / 8,712 sheets = $0.004/sheet

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Price Refreshed: 2023-05-19


Pack contains 24 Rolls (341 sheets per roll) of Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

OUR UNIQUE CLEAN TOUCH. Available at Amazon

Exceptional cleaning without compromising softness.

Charmin Family Mega Roll has plus 25% more sheets per roll vs Charmin Mega Roll

Design inspired by washcloth-like cleaning and strength

Clog-safe and septic-safe; Roto-Rooter approved

At Charmin, we are committed to making our toilet paper work hard to make a sustainable difference. 100% of our paper comes from responsibly managed forests