Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to some commonly-asked questions.

Why did you start this website?

I noticed that it wasn't always beneficial to buy in larger quantities on Amazon. Specifically, I noticed this when buying Soothie pacifiers. Why was a pack of 6 pacifiers more expensive than buying three packs of 2 pacifiers? That didn't make sense to me.

I then investigated further, and I realized that there are many product categories where the price per unit is not always obvious, and the price per unit is not always the best for the larger-quantity listing. And thus, the idea for this website was born. I thought it would be fun to help others navigate the best prices on Amazon.

What types of products do you track?

I track the prices of all sorts of products on Amazon. They fall into these categories: and specifically, I track the Amazon prices of these products: etc.

Why aren't you tracking [insert name of product here]?

Great question! I'm not sure why not! Please send me an email, and I'll take a look at adding it!

Isn't this just like CamelCamelCamel?

First of all, it's an honor to be compared to CamelCamelCamel. And yes, that website does track the prices on Amazon. However, UnitPrice.org is different in that 1) the scope is much smaller, since the goal is not to track every single item on Amazon, and 2) additional work is done at UnitPrice.org to figure out the total number of units and then the unit price for each of those units for each item that is tracked on Amazon.

Believe me, this is not going to replace CamelCamelCamel. I use that website all the time. This is a different concept with a different goal.

Isn't this just like Wirecutter?

Wow, another honor, but no, UnitPrice.org is nothing like Wirecutter. That website reviews products, many of which are sold by Amazon. No reviews are done by UnitPrice.org. In fact, I can't speak to the actual quality of any of these items. You'll need to do that research yourself. All I'm doing is figuring out the unit price for each of the items I find on Amazon. There's also very little overlap in the products I show here and the products reviewed at Wirecutter. You won't be seeing any unit price analysis for lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, or smart phones here. (Does Amazon even sell those products in bulk?)

Do you make money from this website?

A small amount, yes. Each of the links to Amazon are Amazon affiliate links. If you happen to purchase that item, I will receive a small percentage of that sale. It basically covers the cost of running this site. It's more of a fun project. I will not be filing for an IPO anytime soon.

Why do I see a different price on Amazon? Or why is this item on Amazon but not on your website?

UnitPrice.org only lists items and prices that are available under Amazon Prime. So that very well could be the explanation. Also, UnitPrice.org only updates its listings once a day, while Amazon's items and prices are updated all of the time, every second. You can get a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, if you're interested in the free two-day shipping.

Where is your website hosted?

It was previously hosted at Netlify, and now it's hosted on DigitalOcean. I highly recommend them. If you're working on a side project website yourself, here's $100 in free credit at DigitalOcean! Good luck!

How do I contact you?

You can send me an email! My email address is jon@zapstarsolutions.com.