Introducing okaycup.com

K-cups are just okay, but they are still worthy of their own price tracking website.

October 19, 2020

The Amazon price tracking of k-cups is especially interesting. Many different brands, flavors, roasts, quantities, etc. And people have their different preferences. Maybe they're super keen on pumpkin spice flavored k-cups or they only drink the Green Mountain brand k-cups. Regardless, when you layer on those different preferences, you find that you could be saving some money when purchasing k-cups on Amazon.

And so with that, I'm happy to introduce: okaycup.com

A lot of work has gone into this. There are dozens of more brands and roasts and flavors now being cataloged. Prices are updated daily.

K-cups will never beat a cup of coffee made from freshly-ground beans, but hey, there is a pandemic, and we need coffee, and there happen to be some that are sold in pods. So when you're ready for that next caffeine fix, head on over to okaycup.com to find a cup of coffee that's... okay!